CrossFit Le Rouge WOD 09.10.21

Exercice du jour 09.10.21 – CrossFit Le Rouge WOD farmer carry squat push ups :

Pré-WOD :

On a 8:00 Clock
Practice Single-Arm dumbbell Overhead Squats


Every 5′ for 3 rounds :
200m dumbbells Farmer Carry

in the remaining time : AMRAP of
10 dumbbells deficit push-ups
10 dumbbells squats

Rx : 15/10kg
Intermediate : 10/7.5kg
Beginner : 7.5/5kg

– Use two dumbbells

Goal :

Finish each 200m farmer carry with at least 2:30 to perform the AMRAP.
Complete 3+ rounds of the AMRAP in every round.
Use a DB weight that allows you to perform the farmer carry with only one drop or break.

Scaling :

In today’s workout, the most challenging exercise is the deficit push-up. Look to scale the push-up first and then consider scaling the load of the DBs.

Farmer Carry | Load, Distance
DB Deficit Push-up | Deficit on Knees, Depth of Deficit
DB Squat | Load

Limitations : si tu n’as pas le temps de venir à ta box favorite, et que tu as des dumbbells à la maison…

Every 5:00 For 3 Rounds:
200m Weighted Carry
10 Hand Release Push-ups
10 Weighted Squats

Exercices de stretching :

3 Sets
10 A-T-Y Drill
10 Wall Slides

Playlist Youtube 09.10.21 : ici