CrossFit Le Rouge WOD 14.10.21

Exercice du jour 14.10.21 – CrossFit Le Rouge WOD benchmark Chelsea pull ups push ups air squats :


BENCHMARK : « Chelsea »

– RX –
EMOM 30′
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

– If you fall behind the clock, keep going for 30 minutes and see how many rounds you can complete.

EMOM 30′
3 Pull-ups
7 Push-ups
11 Squats

EMOM 30′
5 Ring Rows
5 Push-ups
7 Squats

The Pull-ups :

The Butterfly Pull-Up
The Kipping Pull-Up
Scaling Pull-Ups
The Ring Row

Goal :
Finish each round with at least :10 of rest before starting the next minute.
Don’t break push-ups more than twice in any round.
Pull-up option should allow athlete to go unbroken or break only once.
Successfully complete 20+ rounds of the workout.

Scaling :
Scaling options today should focus around manageable movements that athletes can maintain throughout the workout.
Rest will certainly be necessary, but if athletes cannot complete the 30 reps within the 1:00 window, they should do one of two things:
1) reduce the reps or
2) make the movements easier.

Pull-ups | Jumping Pull-ups, Ring Rows
| Push-ups from knees, Push-ups on box/bench, DB Floor Press
| Reps, Squat to a box/bench

Limitations : si tu n’as pas le temps de venir à ta box favorite, et que tu as des dumbbells à la maison…

EMOM 30′
5 DB Hang Power Cleans
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats

Exercices de stretching :

30 A-T-Y Drills
60″/60″ Doorway Pec-Stretch

Playlist Youtube 14.10.21 : ici