CrossFit Le Rouge WOD 21.10.21

Exercice du jour 21.10.21 – CrossFit Le Rouge WOD rowing Concept2 box jump :


– RX –
For Time
1,000/800m Row
25 Box Jumps (30/24″)
1,000/800m Row
50 Box Jumps (24/20″)
1,000/800m Row
75 Box Jumps (20/14″)

For Time
800/600m Row
20 Box Step-ups (30/24″)
800/600m Row
35 Box Jumps (24/20″)
800/600m Row
50 Box Jumps (20/14″)

For Time
600/475m Row
20 Box Step-ups (20/14″)
600/475m Row
30 Box Jumps (20/14″)
600/475m Row
40 Box Step-ups (20/14″)

Goal :
Complete all rows in < 4:00
Use a decreasing box height across sets.
Use a box height that allows you to complete 10+ reps in a row for the middle and last sets.

Scaling :
Keep in mind we don’t recommend rebounding box jumps for deconditioned athletes or athletes who have not practiced rebounding reps at these heights or volume in past training. Step downs work very well, keep athletes moving quickly, and still contribute to overall fitness.

We should work to preserve the longer row distance and higher reps relative to our athletes’ abilities. Athletes need a row distance they can complete in less than 4:00 each set. Prioritize practicing jumping to different height boxes even if you need to scale athletes to a 24” box, 20” box, and then two 45# plates.

Due to the longer nature of this workout and the difficulty predicting athletes’ abilities, consider enforcing a soft 18:00 time cap.

Also, it’s preferable to have athletes use a step up on a higher box even if they can’t jump on it. We want to preserve the inclusion of multiple box heights in today’s workout. Athletes should be able to finish the 25-50-75 box jumps in less than 2:00 for each set.

Row | Distance to finish in <4:00, 2 x Distance Bike
Box Jumps | 20-35-50 Reps, Height, Step-ups

Limitations : si tu n’as pas le temps de venir à ta box favorite, et que tu as des dumbbells à la maison…

For Time With Partner:
Partner 1: 3000/2500m Row
Partner 2: 180 Box Jumps

Partner 1 starts on the rower and Partner 2 starts on the box jumps. Partners can switch between movements as needed until the rowing and box jumps are complete.

Decrease the height of the box after every 60 reps.


1:00 Calf Stretch / Side
1:00 Lacrosse Ball Roll / Foot


3 Sets:
16 Knees-to-Elbows in Plank
16 Alternating Single-Leg Box Squats

Playlist Youtube 21.10.21 : ici