CrossFit Le Rouge WOD 21.06.22

Exercice du jour 21.06.22 – CrossFit Le Rouge box-jumps muscle-ups ring-muscle-ups muscle-ups-transition :

Mercon :
Every 2′ for 10 rounds :
15″ max effort Air Bike
immediately followed by 5 heavy kettlebells deadlifts
immediately followed by 15m kettlebells farmers carry

Skill Work :

For total reps:
EMOM 14:
Min. 1 | :30 box jumps (61/76 cm)
Min. 2 | Muscle-ups

For total reps:
EMOM 14:
Min. 1 | :30 box jumps (51/61 cm)
Min. 2 | Low ring muscle-up transitions

For total reps:
EMOM 14:
Min. 1 | :30 box step-ups (30/51 cm)
Min. 2 | Banded pull-ups


In today’s workout we want to preserve the jump to ensure athletes get their heart rate elevated. Try and have each athlete jump to a box, unless they have a limitation that prevents them from doing so.
The muscle-up should only be performed by athletes who can confidently do a rep every single minute. Give athletes who can’t a scaling option that will challenge them. This scaling option should be difficult enough to the point that an athlete can’t perform the movement for the full minute. They should need to take a quick :5 to :10 break between sets.
Have athletes who don’t want to use rings perform a banded pull-up. This banded pull-up should be challenging. The athlete should only be able to perform 2-3 reps at a time, not 6-10.


Box : Height, plate hop, jumping jack, step-up.
Muscle-up : Low ring transitions, banded low ring muscle-up, banded pull-up.