CrossFit Le Rouge WOD 22.06.22

Exercice du jour 22.06.22 – CrossFit Le Rouge heavy-thruster kettlebell-swings dumbbell-thrusters :

Skill Work :

On a 10:00 clock:
1 thruster
– Build to your heaviest single.


10 rounds for time:
10 KB swings (16/24 kg)
10 dumbbell thrusters (10/15 kg)

10 rounds for time:
10 KB swings (12/20 kg)
10 dumbbell thrusters (20/25 lb)

10 rounds for time:
7 KB swings (8/12 kg)
7 dumbbell thrusters (10/15 lb)


Primarily scale this workout by reducing the loading of the DBs and/or KB. Athletes should be able to finish each round in less than 1:15 for the first 5 rounds to meet the stimulus.
Newer or deconditioned athletes may reduce the overall volume. Maintain the total rounds at 10, but reduce the repetitions to 7 swings and 7 thrusters.
Single-arm swings and thrusters may be substituted to work around injuries. Either a front squat or push press can be substituted for the thruster to work around lower/upper body limitations.
• Avoid reducing the range of motion on the kettlebell swing. Some of the magic of this workout comes from the interference of going overhead for both movements. Reduce the load as much as needed and only swing to eye level to work around injuries.


Kettlebell swings : load, reps, ROM, single-arm swings
Dumbbell thrusters : load, reps, single-arm thrusters, squats or push presses